With industry experience dating back to 1983, Don Frank founded MSP Courier in 2000 to provide the most qualified and reliable on-demand courier service in the greater Twin Cities area. MSP specializes in the complex transportation demands of the medical industry and applies the meticulous attention needed for these sensitive parcels to offer professional solutions for clients across all categories.

Our TSA licensed & FDA certified staff understand the unique handling needs for a wide range of parcels including including organ transplants, dangerous goods, cryogenic shippers and medical research animals.

Our reliability, stringent procedures and fair pricing are just a few of the reasons that  MSP Courier tenders and recovers more packages at MSP International Airport on a daily basis than any other local carrier.

No matter what you need delivered, or where you need it, we will get it there.



We are always looking to add talented, experienced drivers to our roster. Reach out below to inquire.

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