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On-demand Courier Service in the Greater Twin Cities Area

Our Services

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 24/7 Service

We work with the biggest and most reputable names in air freight forwarding and understand the time constraints of  

on-demand  and drive-out service.

  • MSP Courier has active drivers and dispatching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

 Certified Staff

All MSP Courier employees and independent contractors, office and drivers, are TSA Certified with STA credentials and are tested regularly. Further, everyone is tested and certified in the handling of Dangerous Goods, SOP Procedures, the handling of dry shippers, and the movement of live animals.

Immigration and passport control at the

On-Board Courier Services

We provide on-board "hand-carry" service for the most sensitive of parcels. These include organ transplants and bone marrow, as well as computer and AOG hand carries, both domestically and international.

Industries Serviced 


Fashion & Retail

Large Format Printing

Aircraft Parts

Machine & Computer Parts

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Organ Transplants

Medical Instruments

Live Research Animals

Film & TV

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